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The Mill, Loughborough

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The history of the hosiery mill is quite interesting with the Morley family commissioning the building back in 1889. The Morley's were very famous at the time for their hosiery, and a series of factories were constructed across the East Midlands region including Nottingham, Leicester, Sutton-in-Ashfield and Loughborough. The Morley Family employed thousands of people at the time making them one of the biggest employers around. The company's reputation for quality won many customers and enabled it to become suppliers to the royal family. Later catalogues sent to potential customers were up to 500 pages long and contained between 40,000 and 50,000 items.

The picture shows the original architect drawing dated 1889 and signed by the architect, Richard Charles Sutton. Sutton was also famous at the time being the liberal candidate for the Sherwood Ward of Nottingham Town Council in the elections of 1886. Sutton designed some other famous buildings around the area including the Shire Hall in Nottingham.

We are trying to keep as much of the history in the building as possible, and in the reception there is a big timeline explaining the history in more depth.


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